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Wize Air Quality Monitor

Check the quality of the air by connecting gas sensors to the Wize network.

The problem

Urban air quality has undoubtedly worsened with increasing pollution in cities and has become a major problem in most cities, affecting the health and quality of life of its inhabitants. Knowing where, when and how much pollution there is in cities is a first step towards taking more accurate actions to tackle this serious urban problem. In addition, in a context with increasing European regulations around the level of pollutants in the air, air quality monitoring allows cities to demonstrate their compliance with regulation.

The most common way to measure air quality nowadays is through very expensive air quality stations that cost between 80k-160k euros. The cost of these make it non-viable to increase the density of stations around the cities to provide more accurate information to public officials as well as citizens about the state of the air in a specific area.

Our solution

Our solution is comprised of compact air quality stations to be installed across the city as well as a suite of advanced cloud models to map as accurately as possible the state of air quality across areas of concern. The same sensors can also help validate the effect of a pollution reduction mechanism once it’s deployed to know whether a specific measure has had the expected impact on air quality.

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