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Wize Chlorine Sensor

Wize chlorine sensor connced to Wize networks

The problem

To provide the highest quality of drinking water to each of their customers, water utilities require complicated treatments and continuous analysis of its quality. One of the ways they keep water drinkable, is by treating it with chlorine. Nevertheless, an excess of chlorine can be harmful for consumers. That is why having a reliable system to control the level of chlorine in drinking water pipes in real time is crucial.

Our solution

In order to simplify the complicated process of analysis - which traditionally requires to send someone to take a sample in the field and analyse it in a lab - we are using an inline chlorine sensor connected via Wize. Placed in the water distribution network, this sensor provides real time information on the level of chlorine in the water. This remote connection is possible thanks to the ability of Wize to connect objects in hard-to-reach locations such as underground networks.

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