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End-to-end IoT applications connected to Wize

*start your project in smart cities

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Start prototyping IoT applications with our IoT development kits and gateways connected to Wize!

What is AllWize

AllWize creates end-to-end IoT applications connected to the state-of-the-art Wize technology. Starting in the field of smart city, we have the ambition to become a marketplace of IoT devices connected to Wize.

We integrate the whole IoT value chain, from the hardware to the dashboard, customers do not have to care about the technical parts!

AllWize offers IoT development kits in open source and open hardware, based on Arduino architecture to prototype any type of IoT application in no time. Its “plug and play” devices facilitate the scalability of new business models.


AllWize use cases are infinite!

The Wize Protocol

The Wize protocol is a Long Range Wide Area Network (LPWAN) using the 169Mhz frequency.

> based on a robust and reliable standard EN-13757 - Wireless M-Bus

> long distance, up to 20km; but non-handover mechanism

> extremely low-power consumption: up to 20 years of battery life with 1 message/day

> bidirectional with OTAP

> deep indoor radio penetration

> flexible solution: no chip lock-in, no telco lock-in, self-operated, self-infrastructure network

AllWize is part of the Wize Alliance an open and non-profit association that promotes a LPWAN called Wize as an international standard for the Internet of Things.

This new protocol enables new use cases for Internet of Things technologies

and new business models to appear on the market.

Wize Protocol

Water meter


Sensors measure water flow to monitor consumption 

Smart agriculture


Sensors detect humidity and nutrients in the soil to increase growth

Smart parking


Sensors detect the presence of cars on parking spots

Air quality


Sensors check the quality of the air inside or outside



Sensors monitor vibration of machines to do predictive maintenance

Smart Security

Sensors check movements to protect sensitive things

 Applications are unlimited... 
 Let your imagination flow 
An infinity of use cases
The team


The Master Mind


The Tech Maker



The Hardware Builder


The strategist


The Wize Business Woman

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