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Wize Modbus/Pulse Datalogger

Connect modbus/pule datalogger to the Wize network.

The problem

Most utilities already have sensors deployed in the field connected with multiple and often varied legacy systems. An example could be having devices deployed in distribution networks for sectorisation, such as flow meters, pressure sensors, etc. Although the information gathered by these sensors is valuable to the utility operator, in many cases this information is either not recorded or just saved in offline dataloggers that need to be manually checked. When these dataloggers are connected remotely, they typically use cellular connectivity (i.e. GSM, 3G) which may be not so reliable in hard-to-reach locations and lead to a significant recurring expense for the utility.

Our solution

We have developed a Wize-connected datalogger that enables utilities to easily retrofit their existing sensors in the field and access the information from these devices remotely and in real time via the Wize network, even for those located in difficult to reach areas.

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