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Make your city


AllWize creates IoT applications to improve the quality of the urban services of your city.


Plug any of the AllWize solutions available in the WizeMarketWito existing Wize networks or ask us to help you deploy a new one.

Wize City [wʌɪz ˈsɪti] / noun

A city that provides the highest level of urban services through amazing solutions connected to Wize networks.

AllWize changes smart cities into wize cities.
IoT LPWAN Smart City Wize city
AllWize creates simple dashboard to control objects remotely.

We keep it simple!

We want to make it very easy to become Wize that is why we create end-to-end applications, that are affordable and easy to use.

Get all the relevant information you need from a beautiful dashbord and control your assets in just one click!


Do you already have a dashboard? No problem, we can easily connect to it as we work with open APIs!

The Internet of Things has never been that easy!

Services included in the

IoT application for water utilities connected to Wize
IoT application for the environment connected to Wize
IoT application for public lighting connected to Wize

Cannot find the IoT application you need?

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Create your own application with our IoT development kits

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