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The AllWize K1 is an Arduino® UNO form factor shield to convert any Arduino® board with this format into a device connectable over the Wize protocol. Just connect the shield, select a serial port and install our library (in the Arduino® IDE or PlatformIO) to start having fun.


Box content:

  • 5 x AllWize K1 boards

    • Wize compatible -9 dBi 169 MHz SMA antenna

    • Note: the AllWize K1 does NOT come with the Arduino® board


Technical features:

  • Size: 6,8cm x 5,3cm x 2cm

  • Wize radio transceiver embedded

  • SMA antenna connector, with a selectable μFL connector for pigtails

  • Serial control over a selectable serial port by jumpers

  • Temperature sensor included + 3 Grove connectors for other sensors and actuators

  • 3.3V & 5V operating voltage; selectable voltage for the Grove sensors

  • Low-cost gateway implementation available

  • Compatible with Arduino® UNO, Arduino® Leonardo, Arduino® Zero/M0 Pro, WeMos D1, and other Arduino® boards based on these architectures




    The AllWize K1 - Bunch of 5

    132,00 €Price
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