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The AllWize I1 is a Wize-to-WiFi gateway to be used in industrial environments, mounted in DIN rail, to implement the gateway functionality. With the AllWize I1 you can send the data from your Wize devices to the cloud or send remote commands and configurations to your Wize devices, over your local WiFi network. Using the Arduino programing interface you can configure the WiFi network parameters and connect with IoT Cloud solutions using the MQTT and RESTful APIs.


Box content:

  • 1 x AllWize I1 in a box

  • 1 x Wize compatible -1 dBi 169 MHz SMA antenna


Technical features:

  • Wize radio transceiver embedded

  • 802.11 b/g/n protocol embedded, Wi-Fi Direct (P2P), with integrated TCP/IP protocol stack; +19.5dBm output power in 802.11b mode

  • SMA antenna connector for a -1 dBi VHF 169 MHz antenna

  • Accessible buses and digital & analog ports, in case connecting UNO form-factor shields, sensors or actuators in needed in the gateway itself

  • 5V power supply over μUSB, which can be used as programming interface as well

  • 9 to 24V power supply over power jack


More info:

The AllWize I1

50,00 €Price
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