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Wize Street Lighting Monitoring

Connect your street lighting to te Wize network.

The problem

Companies in charge of streetlight maintenance are responsible for making sure all lights work properly at all times and in all the areas of the city. When a light fails, service providers are typically required by contract to respond to issues very quickly. Lighting failures can also be problematic in terms of citizen safety and security.

Nowadays, maintenance typically relies on citizen’s alerts and costly night patrols to visually check that each one of the lights is working properly. For example, the City of Barcelona requires maintenance contractors to visit every light at least once a week. Finally, visual inspection often leads to pursing the wrong maintenance action to fix a failing lamp.

Our solution

Our solution includes the installation of a simple sensor plugged to each streetlight to automatically detect lamp issues / failures. Together with a small business intelligence, the system provides alerts for the maintenance team with a list of the lamps that are not working properly, thus increasing their maintenance efficiency.

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