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Wize Street Lighting P2P Control

Connect your street lighting to te Wize network.

The problem

Cities streetlight invoices represent up to 40% of a city’s electricity bill. In fact, there’s a common problem among cities with day burners: streetlights that are on during the day. For example, 6% of the lights in Hertfordshire county are ON during the day resulting in 4,5 millions kWh wasted. Moreover, the often manually programmed schedules for streetlights lead to issues such as lights being on too late at night, or off too late in the morning. Finally, when streetlights are not able to be dimmed, they are sometimes on all night at full power, even when traffic is minimal at late hours of the night. All these issues mean that any improvement on the energy efficiency of streetlights can translate to important savings for cities, on their electricity bills as well as their carbon emission targets.

Our solution

We have developed a solution that can easily be installed and used to control on and off times of streetlights, apply different dimming schedules and even participate in demand response programs.

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