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Wize Waste Bin Access System

Connect waste bin to the Wize network to check when people throw waste.

The problem

There is currently a strong trend to apply new incentives to increase the recycling rates in cities, especially in Europe. In fact, there’s a European-wide regulation to recycle 55% of waste by 2025, which is putting a lot of pressure on countries to focus on effective solutions. In addition, this regulatory ambition doesn’t always match the engagement of citizens, which often don’t feel compelled to recycle due to a lack of financial incentives or penalties to sort their waste.

Our solution

One of the common incentives being applied widely throughout Europe is the so-called Pay as you Throw system. Under this system, citizens pay according to the quantity of waste they generate. It has been demonstrated that Pay as you Throw systems are an efficient way to empower citizens, promote the reduction of waste generation and increase recycling rates.

In practice, this system can be carried either by deploying trash bags with specific tariffs policy or RFID tags on residential bins or by access control mechanisms with transaction registration on public bins. We offer an access control mechanism connected to Wize networks in order to monitor user behavior as well as incentivize citizens to better sort their waste.

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