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The Wize Protocol

The Wize technology is based on the 169 MHz frequency and has been used for more than 10 years for smart metering by water and gas companies. The technology has shown outstanding performances especially in terms of indoor radio penetration. This makes it perfect for IoT applications in urban settings where walls typically mitigates the spread of other radio communications.

Most importantly, a network of 7 million devices has already been deployed around Europe and there will be 20 million by 2025!

Based on a robust and reliable standard EN-13757 - Wireless M-Bus

Able to reach over long distance, up to 20 KM

Extremely low-power consumption: up to 20 years of battery life with 1 message/day

Bidirectionnal with over the air programming

Deep indoor radio penetration

Flexible solution: No chip lock-in, no telco lock-in, possibility to use existing network or create new ones

Technical information about Wize using the frequency 169 MHz.
Wize Alliance logo

AllWize is part of the Wize Alliance an open and non-profit association that promotes Wize as an international standard for the Internet of Things.

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