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Wize Hydrants Monitor

Wize fire hydrants connced to Wize networks

The problem

Fire hydrants are critical elements of the urban water infrastructure. Hydrants must always be working properly in case of a fire, which is why utilities carry regular maintenance tasks on them. Even then, detection of problems with the hydrants can be delayed between two maintenance rounds. Fire hydrants are sometimes used illegally by people filling their swimming pools or watering their lawns! This not only represents a significant loss of water and revenues, but also creates a risk of affecting the normal use of a hydrant, which is critical to effectively extinguish fires.

Our solution

Our solution puts together a very simple and low cost sensor that measures the flow of water in the fire hydrant. This sensor is connected directly to the utility’s back office through Wize, who then is able to detect and alert of any unauthorized use of fire hydrants in real time.

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