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Two AllWize K2 along with an ultrasonic and a magnetic sensor to create a smart parking IoT application.


Box content:

  • 2 x AllWize K2 boards

    • μFL connector for pigtails

    • Wize compatible -9 dBi 169 MHz SMA antenna

    • header strips 14 ways (not printed)

  • 1 x MKR connector carrier

  • 1 x ultrasonic sensor

  • 1 x magnetic sensor


Technical features of the AllWize K2:

  • Size: 6,9cm x 2,5cm x 1cm
  • Atmel SAMD21 microprocessor

  • Wize radio transceiver embedded

  • μFL radiofrequency connector for pigtails

  • Screwed input to connect a battery pack (2 x AA or 2 x AAA)

  • Low-power consumption, down to 720 μA in sleep mode

  • μUSB connector, to power and program the AllWize K2, bootloader included

  • Reset button and user LED



Parking pack

70,00 €Price
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